Originally the intent of this collection was to leave as complete as possible record of the history of our ancestry for our children and their descendants. Later on it became obvious how valuable some of this information might be to other family historians.

I harbor no delusions that this collection is mistake free. At the very least as the research was done over a period of many years, new and better sources will have become available.

How often have you come across a juicy piece of family history only to be disappointed by your inability to get back to a definitive source? While not all the sources documented here are primary sources, no one has to wonder where the material came from and in most instances how to access it.

As much as possible including references to other researchers has been avoided. However, when there appeared a strong probability that the information was correct, it has been cited. This information should be accepted conditionally while searching for confirmation.

My special thanks go to my son, Samuel Lee Meredith, for setting up and maintaining this web page.

Good luck in the pursuit of your roots. It is to be hoped that here you will find a missing piece of your genealogical puzzle.

Elizabeth V. Meredith